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*Welcome to SCERT, Hyderabad, Telangana State, India.* * One day Science Seminar on “Promotion of science in the schools" to Teacher Educators/Teachers and other field functionaries of School Education on 28th February 2017 (National Science day ) guidelines uploaded under Important Announcements * *INSPIRE AWARD Scheme is open to all the schools w.e.f 1st Dec 2016 till 28.2.2017.. For details see Important Announcements * * Feedback on Curriculum and Textbooks for All Subjects in Classes I-X. For details See Important Announcements * * Applications are invited from Children for CCRT Scholarship. For details see important announcements*

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Library Documentation and Dissemination


The basic idea of library is to transform Library service by making them more personalize more interactive, more collaborative and more web-based, driven by community needs. The SCERT Library Collects, Organizes and Disseminates Primary, Secondary and Tertiary resources in school education, it Support Academics, Researchers and Staff through conventional references

SCERT Library is located in the central part of the main building comprising Reading room that can Host around 20 readers at a time in a well ventilated condition with sufficient lighting and good academic environment. The main objective of the SCERT Library is to supplement the efforts of the SCERT in fulfillment of its main objective towards Quality improvement of School Education and District Institute of Education and Training Colleges in the State. In this context the main function of Library in Documentation and Information is as follows.

Library is useful for Teacher Training Programmes, Text Book writers, Module writers in the field of Education. The Library is useful for capacity building of the SCERT, Professors, Lecturers and Teacher Educators and teachers in the School Education Department.

The Functions of SCERT Library


To Support Academics, Researchers, Text Book Writers, Module writers and Mana TV lesson programme designers through conventional references and document delivery services from time to time.


To collect organize and disseminate Primary, Secondary and Tertiary resources in School Education.


It also extending resource to Sister Organizations like Telangana Open School Society and Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA), Telangana.

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