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Planning Management Finance and Policy

  • Planning plays a vital role in effective implementation of any program. 
  • As the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Teacher Education is an important programme being implemented by Central and State Government for Strengthening of Teacher Education, Annual Work Plan and Budget will be prepared every year.
  • Institutional Planning teams consisting of Principals, Lecturers, and other supporting staff.
  • Institutional Planning teams various aspects related to planning viz. collection and consolidation of data, finalization of activities, filling up of planning formats, estimation of budget, mapping of infrastructure facilities, etc.,
  • The plans have been developed by following the procedure as detailed below:
  • The UDISE data has been utilized to get the information on various aspects of School Education and Teacher Education such as Schools, Teachers, Enrolment, Educational Indicators, PTR, etc.
  • Meetings were conducted with Teachers, Headmasters, Monitoring Officers, etc., to assess the needs of stakeholders in finalization of various activities to be incorporated in the plan.
  • Based on the suggestive infrastructure indicated in the Teacher Education Guidelines of June 2012,institution wise infrastructure mapping was done during plan period to arrive at the actual requirement of infrastructure to be provided and proposed in the plan.Site Maps, Total Station Survey and Line Estimates were prepared for the proposed works with the help of Engineers of Education Welfare Infrastructure Development Corporation.

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