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Educational Technology





                The Educational Technology Department, SCERT, Telangana taking a lead in the content generation for live and recorded lessons for Teacher Education i.e. for D.Ed., B.Ed., In-service Teachers. The Department also undertakes the transmission of these lessons through T-SAT-(Mana TV), SOFTNET.


    •      Content development for transmission of TV lessons for Teacher Education.

    •      Organizing presentation of the lesson directly through SOFTNET.

    •      Orientation to the selected Teacher Educators on content development and presentation.

    •      Conversion of lessons from Beta/ DVCAM tapes to DVD form.

    •      Uploading of video lessons into the SCERT website, YouTube, cable TV (T-SAT).


    T-SAT (Mana TV) Ku-Band has been in operation since 2001 under the Society for Society of Telangana Network (SOFTNET), an exclusively Education TV, wherein School Education Department is a major participating agency. Two channels have been allocated for TV lessons. Channel-I(Recorded) and Channel-II (interactive lessons). A total of 2 TV lessons are being transmitted through these two channels. Two lessons(one recorded and other interactive) are being telecast on every working day from Monday to Saturday for D.Ed., B.Ed. Language Pandit trainees & in-service teachers.

    Students and teachers can interact with the presenter with toll free No.18004254038 and can clarify their doubts instantly.

    Telecast Schedule

    Channel-I (Nipuna)               :    10.00 AM to 10.45 AM for Teacher Education

     (Recorded)                                (D.Ed., B.Ed., in-service teachers).

    Channel-II (Vidya)                :    12.15 PM to 1.00PM for Teacher Education

     (Live)                                          (D.Ed., B.Ed., in-service teachers).


    Day-wise/Subject-wise telecast of lessons:


    Teacher Education


    Telugu Methodology


    Educational Philosophy/Educational Psychology


    English Methodology


    Mathematics  Methodology


    Phy. Science/Bio. Science methodology


    Social Studies Methodology


    About 2500 institutions in the State have the connectivity of T-SAT (Mana TV) ROTs (Receive only Terminal) as follows:

    •      High Schools.

    •      Residential Schools of TREIS, TSWREIS, TWREIS.

    •      Teacher Education colleges: DIETs/ CTEs/ IASEs.

    •      Some Private D.Ed. and B.Ed. colleges in the State.


    Action points

    ·        Developing video lessons for the new textbooks reflecting the improved pedagogy and teaching practice.

    ·        Orientation to the Teachers, Headmasters and Teacher Educators through teleconference on a regular basis.

    ·        Recording innovative practices across the State and telecasting the same.

    ·        Telecasting pre-recorded video lessons through T-SAT (Mana TV).

    ·        Regular monitoring of functional aspects of ROTs and TVs.

    ·        Designing a smart classroom in each school and institution for viewing the tele-schools programmes and playing the recorded videos.

    ·        Supply of subject-wise relevant video lessons in the form of DVDs to schools and Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs).

    ·        Optimum utilization of slots provided for live lessons and pre-recorded lessons to the Department.

    ·        Uploading of the lessons in the YouTube to facilitate access to all the teachers.




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