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Maths and Science Education

Maths Education

The Department of Mathematics Education is meant to develop professional expertise among the mathematics teachers of Primary and Secondary schools. It also devises the various programmes in Mathematics for promotion of Mathematics learning among the children and community at large. As SCERT is an academic advisory body to the Government of Andhra Pradesh, the Department of Mathematics do perform various roles in policy making, provides necessary academic inputs and develops resources. 

Objective and Functions:


* Preparation of curriculum for Primary, upper primary and secondary classes.


Development of textbooks materials for Primary, upper primary and Secondary classes.
* Conduct of workshops.
* Field Studies.
* Conduct of Evaluative studies on textbooks.

Curriculum Materials

Collaboration with Dept. of Educational Technology in development of audio and video programmes of     mathematics for primary, upper primary and secondary classes. 
*  Development of handbooks for the teachers.


* Preparation of enrichment material for the teachers of primary schools, upper primary and secondary classes.
* Conduct of Training programme for the teachers of primary, upper primary and Secondary teachers.
* Development of Mathematics Laboratory.
* Consultative services for the training of teachers.
* Field visits to the schools, DIETs and CTEs and providing academic support.
* Collaboration with SSA in development of teacher modules and self instructional materials.
* Collaboration with A.P. Open School society in development of textbooks, model question paper, principles of    evaluation and projects for different levels.
* Training Programme through teleconference mode.

Research Studies

Studies on Curriculum and Textbooks.
* Studies on Pedagogy.
* Studies on Achievement in Mathematics.
* Studies on Professional competencies of the teachers.

Other Activities

Conduct of Mathematics Olympiad, Statistics Olympiad spot valuation camp and tabulation work.

Science Education

The department of Science plays a key role to popularize Science in the State by conducting seminars, science exhibitions at various levels. 
The department is meant for extending resource support to different institutions like IASEs / CTEs / DIETs and Schools. The department has got pivotal role in propagating scientific values, scientific attitudes and scientific temper particularly among the teachers and students and the community at large. 
The department coordinates with other agencies working in the field of science and technology. As a part of the SCERT, the department of science acts as main academic advisory body in science through its functions like revision of syllabus, framing of curriculum and evaluation. 

Aims and objectives:

To organise in-service training for Physical Science teachers to enrich the subject.
* To organize trainings for Physical Science teachers in doing lab experiments.
* To provide ideas and information to keep the teachers abreast of the latest developments in the field of science.
* To undertake studies, investigations and surveys relating to science matters on the appraisal of education    programmes.
* To undertake publication of modules, enrichment material, lab manual and book of projects etc.
* To undertake evaluation and research study and to find out the effectiveness of education programme in the    state.

Functions of the science department:

Training programme for Secondary School teachers.

To provide teachers of Secondary Schools with the latest and advanced information in the content and    methodology of Science.
* To equip the teachers with skills involved in conducting experiments / activities.
To develop teacher handbook and other teacher learning modules like manual of experiments, like etc.

Organization of District, State, South India Science Fairs

To provide a platform to exhibit innovative projects for high school children.
* To promote scientific temper inquiring attitudes among student community.
* To exchange cultural relations and to develop brotherhood among National Level Educational Institutions and    personnel.

Organization of District, State Science Seminars

To inculcate in the minds of young students a spirit of scientific enquiry and analytical thinking.
* To a platform to the budding scientists for exchanging ideas.
* To nature a feeling national integration among young talents from every corner of State.
* To develop communicative skills among the students.

Research studies.

Conducting research studies for effective implementation of training programmes.
* Evaluation of High School Science Laboraties and Science Equipement.
* Taking up research studies assigned by the Department of School Education.

Resource support.

Extending Resource Support to the CTEs, DIETs and Schools.
* Coordinating with various agencies in the field of Science and Technology.

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