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Curriculum and Textbooks and Pupil Assessment

Activities of the Department - A Status Note

Appropriate curriculum and textbooks is one of the important enabling conditions to improve the quality of School Education. Curriculum Framework reflects the vision, mission and goals of education in the State without which education will be an aimless, direction-less activity.

The Job Chart and major activities of the Department  Undertaking

  • Curricular reforms - Developing State Curriculum Frame Work and Revision of Syllabus and Textbooks based on State Curriculum Frame Work. 
  • Tryout of new Textbooks in the field before finalizing the Textbooks
  • Development of Training Manuals and teacher handbooks and undertaking training of teachers and supervisors on new textbooks and curriculum frame work
  • Monitoring and review of curriculum implementation with DEOs, Dy. EOs, MEOs, NGOs and Principals of Teacher Education Institutions
  • Developing Framework and guidelines on implementation of continuous and comprehensive Evaluation, pupil cumulative record for every child which will be basis for the awarding completion certificate, Grade specific, subject specific, expected attainment targets in terms of competencies
  • Academic monitoring of schools with a focus on implementation of Curriculum on the expected lines
  • Liaison with Department of Curriculum and material development in the DIETs – Networking and support
  • Undertaking the studies on Curriculum implementation and take up necessary steps for improving the curriculum and textbooks. Encouraging curriculum action researches and developing knowledge in pedagogical practices
  • Evaluating guidelines and indicators of implementation on certain policies pertaining to Curriculum and Systemic Reforms
  • Undertaking certain activities as envisaged by the RTE – 2009 under SCERT as academic authority
  • Developing academic standards and perform indicators for institutions and individuals and make them accountable towards children performance
  • Designing and Development of quality monitoring tools and guidelines on the  implementation of curriculum and pedagogy

The proposed activities under curricular reforms

1. Development of State Curriculum Frame Work along with position papers.

2. Development of syllabus and academic standards from class I to X based on SCF.

3. Development of textbooks and other curricular material based on the revised syllabus.

4. Development of training manuals / teacher handbooks and undertaking training of the teachers and supervisors for curriculum implementation.

5. Monitoring and follow up for the effective implementation of curriculum.

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