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*Welcome to SCERT, Hyderabad, Telangana State, India.* * Learning Outcomes - Class Wise and Subject Wise for Primary Level and High School Level uploaded under Publications option* * Feedback on Curriculum and Textbooks for All Subjects in Classes I-X. For details See Important Announcements *

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  • To undertake, promote and co-ordinate research at different stages of education.
  • Development of curriculum and material for pre-service education courses viz., Pre Primary Teacher Education course, D.Ed., Pandit courses – Telugu Pandit, Hindi Pandit, Urdu Pandit courses.
  • To supervise the academic activities in the Secondary Training Schools, DIETs, Colleges of Teacher Education(CTEs) and Institutes of advanced studies in education(IASE)
  • Monitoring the effective implementation of pre-service training programmes.
  • To organize pre-service and in-service training for the teachers, teacher educators and inspecting officers.
  • The SCERT plays a very vital role in organizing some special educational projects sponsored by the NCERT and UNICEF for the progress and development of school education.
  • To produce and prescribe text-books for school education and teacher training institution.
  •  To produce instructional materials for elementary school teachers and for the teacher educators.
  • To undertake research studies to solve the problems of education.
  • Appraisal of teacher training institutes at Elementary and Secondary level.
  • Organizing in-service training for teacher educators.
  • Providing academic guidance to the teacher education institutions and sub district level resource centres to undertake studies, investigation and surveys relating to educational matters and programmes.

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